The Scottish Borders: didn't know them, only knew Berwickshire as a place to pass through. Now I live there. How did that happen?
I've missed hotels. Here are some of my favourite resorts, boutiques and B&Bs – and least favourite marketing memes the hospitality sector uses
After 14 years, I've left the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Why would anyone do that?
There’s a very simple reason why the next decade will be the best ever for travel
It's been a time to remember good people we've lost. Here is a tribute two very different women who inspired me to travel
As Dubai unveils its vision for 2040, I make an overdue visit to THE city of the early 21st century
In the final part of my series looking at the British countryside, we see how Scotland is taking a different path to the rest fo the kingdom
In 2002, there was an acrimonious split between British country and city people. Here's what happened, why it mattered and why we're still living with…
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