I've started the new year having a big think about the thing I do – travel writing. Let's go to Oxford for some advice on what it all means
The Gulf state has bought itself Earth's biggest advertisement – the World Cup. But does its performance as a tourism destination match its aspirations?
I was at the COP climate conference in Egypt last week – and foresaw the end of tourism as we know it
Some musings inspired by an old word for the new world we find ourselves in after the Queen's death
In the second on my wistful London walks, I see how Mayfair got its mojo back and Prince Charles made a wealthy area of London less interesting
When I visit London, I’m part-tourist, part-ghost, wholly wistful and ridiculously excited to see the old haunts again. The first in a two-part series…
Which of today’s metropolises will define the 2020s for future historians and travellers?
Congratulations to any overseas visitors who were in Britain to see us at our most British last weekend. But you may be wondering: what does it all…
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